Crowdfunding isn’t new and there are a ton of platforms that already do what Rally Builder does. So why does the world need another crowdfunding platform?

The answer to this is simple. For too long now the major players in the crowdfunding space have shown blatant and open discrimination against projects that do not align with the beliefs of a small but noisy politically correct special interest mobs. In recent history, for example, we’ve seen pro-life projects, cause campaigns supporting small Christian businesses and projects supporting individuals being persecuted by special interest driven PR efforts shut down by the mainstream fat cat crowdfunding websites.

Why? It’s not because they did anything wrong. It’s because they had different opinions. And not necessarily different opinions than those of the platform owners. In most cases it’s because the project creators had different opinions than those of people who aren’t even customers of said platforms. These mobs of agenda driven individuals bully, harass, threaten and boycott the platforms when most of them probably never intended to be customers in the first place.

Let’s call it what it is. A political shakedown.

Unfortunately, instead of standing up to the mobs, the mainstream platforms cower and side with them while turning their backs on thousands if not hundreds of thousands of customers. All for the simple mindset that mainstream platforms would rather discriminate against their own customers over being accused of something they aren’t guilty of by a noisy minority.

This is not only ridiculous, it’s disingenuous, weak and anti-American in principle.

We developed the Rally Builder platform for a couple of reasons. First, we’ve run several crowdfunding campaigns of our own and we no longer wish to continue doing business with those who cater to the bully crowd. An alternative platform became necessary for us on a personal level.

Second, the market is clearly in need of a platform that isn’t afraid of the bully culture now consuming America’s business landscape. One that not only enables project creators to raise funds via their peers without fear of being pushed out, but also stands in their corner when push comes to shove.

That’s why Rally Builder exists.

-Eric Odom