Terms of Use

RallyBuilder Terms of Use 

Our terms of use stipulates that when you utilize Rally Builder, you agree to the following guidelines and rules established on this page. 

By using this website and the crowd funding services provided by RallyBuilder  (together with its parents, subsidiaries, consultants, employees, officers, and directors), you’re agreeing to these legally binding rules. In doing so you also agree to our privacy policy.

Occasionally these rules may change or be updated. In the case of such a change or update we will notify you by the email associated with your account.

Actions/Items Not Permissible at Rally Builder  

The following is a list of actions we deem a violation of our terms of use. 

Please read carefully:

  • False Information – It’s not permissible to publish misleading, false, deceptive or fraudulent information.
  • Copyright – It’s not permissible to use copyrighted media, content or materials if/when the copyright is owned by someone or an entity other than you. This is only permissible if the copyright owner has granted permission and permission can be supported with proof.
  • Illegal Activity It’s not permissible to violate any laws. Nor is it permissible to violate another user’s rights.
  • Don’t offer prohibited items. Don’t offer any rewards that are illegal, violate any of Kickstarter’s policies, rules, or guidelines, or violate any applicable law, statute, ordinance, or regulation.
  • Slander and/or Libel – It’s not permissible to use the website in a way that slanders, libels or violates the rights of any individual.
  • Prohibited Promotion – It’s not permissible to offer, promote or distribute unauthorized advertising or unsolicited products on the website. Any promotion done outside of direct project marketing is deemed spam and will not be tolerated.
  • Personal Information – Project managers may obtain certain personal information from rally backers. It’s not permissible to use this information in an abusive way.

User Accounts 

Registration is open. All users must be at least 18 years of age. All users are responsible for all activity under his/her personal account. 

You must be 18 or older to use Rally Builder.

Your account must be in your name and you cannot use “sock puppet” or fake names to represent your identity.

You are responsible for for your password and all activity that happens within your account.

Rally Creators & Rally Supporters 

All rally creators (those who create projects or campaigns on RallyBuilder) create a contract with rally supporters (those who pledge and/or support a rally). The contract exists between the two parties (rally creator and rally supporter). RallyBuilder is not a party to this agreement.

RallyBuilder is a service that enables rally creators to connect with supporters. The connection between creators and supporters generates a contract between the two parties and does not in any way involve RallyBuilder in the agreement process. Rally uilder is simply the platform that services the transaction.

Rally creators are trusted by supporters to fulfill promises made. If fulfillment is delayed or runs into complications, creators are responsible of communicating to supporters and working to make the relationship/contract whole through any and every means necessary.

RallyBuilder has no responsibility to fulfill promises made by rally creators and cannot vouch for any project.


The RallyBuilder platform is not liable or responsible for disputes between users. 

RallyBuilder is a platform that enables connections and transactions between users. RallyBuilder is not a service involved in the contract between users. RallyBuilder does not get involved in disputes between users or users and third parties connected to users.

RallyBuilder is not responsible or liable for any loss to any user or party connected to a user.


The following is a basic explanation of how funding works through the RallyBuilder platform. 

RallyBuilder project creators can select to receive supporter donations as they occur or once a project is completed. Funds are processed by Stripe and the RallyBuilder platform use transaction fee is taken before a rally creator receives funds. Transactions are processed from supporters through Stripe to the creator’s Stripe account.

All rally creators must set up a Stripe account to receive funds via the RallyBuilder platform.


Our platform is free on the front end. Our fees come via transaction fees on the back end. 

RallyBuilder charges a 3% fee which is in addition to and apart from Stripe processing fees. The fee is taken during the transaction process and before rally creators receive funds. There are no other charges or fees for using our service.

RallyBuilder Rights 

We have rights and you should know them. 
  • We have the right to suspend or delete an account for any reason.
  • We have the right to delete comments for any reason.
  • We have a right to determine who is eligible for an account.
  • We have a right to determine which projects are eligible and which are not. We have a right to offer our services or refuse them.
  • We have a right to cancel a project or support of a project at any time and for any reason.
  • We have a right to change our terms of use.

Governing Law 


RallyBuilder is owned and operated by Grassroots Action, Inc., a Virginia corporation governed by Virginia law.


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