Rally Builder is the result of four months of developing, geeking out on code and believing the market is ready for a true premium alternative to the mainstream crowdfunding platforms currently available online. Click here to read a quick post on why we exist to get the scoop on what brought this all about.

Sure there are other platforms with similar intentions, but our view is that none of them have quite captured the simplicity and proper functionality needed for a socially engaged crowdfunding community. This is no way intended to knock those efforts. In fact, we believe the market needs more competition because we want to see the mainstream sites lose their politically correct grip on the space. So the more of us there are… the better off we’ll all be.

That said, what we’re building here is truly capable of providing consumers with a legitimate, competent and capable alternative when it comes to crowdfunding. Our platform will do everything the mainstream guys can do. Plus, unlike those guys we’ll fight to protect the rights of people to believe as they wish and support causes that fit those beliefs.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do using the Rally Builder platform.

  • Pledge support for projects, products and causes
  • Set up up crowdfunding projects and rally people to donate
  • Create and manage a personal profile that will keep you plugged in to your followed projects and projects you start
  • Enjoy a hands off transaction process through our Stripe powered payment gateway interface
  • Run your projects free of charge (We take a small transaction fee for every pledge donation so there is no up front cost to you)
  • Access our community to promote your project, product or cause
  • Offer products, perks and swag in tiered pledge levels for supporters
  • Send email communications to your rally supporters
  • Much more!

This is an exciting journey and we hope you’ll consider using our platform for your fundraising project. Like us on Facebook and keep an eye out for announcements as we get ready to come out of our beta phase.